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Roswell Mill Wedding :: { atlanta wedding photographer }

Wedding #8 of the season for me and I got to shoot with AGW Photography. The last time that I shot at Roswell Mill was a few years ago and Allyson assited me so I had the opportunity to side shoot with her at her wedding there. This place is a unique venue in that there are a lot of different looks for good photography… everything from old buildings to rivers and waterfalls. A lot of things have changed in Roswell since I last shot there… the Roswellians think very highly of their city property… hence the $100 permit to shoot photography there that you have to have… Luckily Julie had hers… I meant Allyson had hers =). We didn’t get sent to jail thank goodness. The reception was a first for me in that it was pretty crazy (i’ll keep the incriminatory pictures hidden) but I think we counted 7 spilled drinks and 3 broken glasses on the dance floor… you know you have a good reception when that happens…  Like always I enjoy side shooting and usually try and get some good stuff… check out some of the shots below ::

Immediately after this next shot below…. i caught some of his Crown and Coke on me and my lens… luckily no harm…whew!